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About Heather McKiddy

I consider myself an overachiever. I’ve always been competitive and driven--I was a state champion basketball player and valedictorian.  I have a degree in Biology but decided the lack of people and relationships in the scientific world felt too lonely for me.  I wanted to be surrounded by people, build and nurture relationships, and help and serve others.  That’s what brings me joy and makes life interesting.  I really care about my clients and their goals plus I’m a good listener.  I’ve often seen the flamboyant real estate types that talk non-stop like they’re an entertainer and wondered how they even know what their clients want??  They haven’t shut up and actually LISTENED to them at all.  I listen to my clients.  And I’m still a nerd, so I provide a lot of market insight you may not get elsewhere and a lot of extra research, because I really love analyzing the market and getting into the data.  I also consider myself an educator.  I provide the information my clients need and let them know best practices so they have what they need to make good, sound decisions.  No high pressure sales tactics here--just the facts and my expert opinion as a professional who is in the market everyday! Then I let my clients make the call and I carry out their wishes.  I’m efficient and I hate wasting time.  My time is valuable and so is everyone else’s, so I like to get down to business and use my proven systems that streamline the process, make it fun, and are efficient at accomplishing my client’s goals.  I also like to pretend like every client is my family member.  Would I put my mom in this house?  What advice would I give my brother if he were selling right now?  I want to protect my clients and their interests and make sure that they are making the best choices for themselves and their families.  I’ve had to get pretty creative in my almost 20 years of doing real estate, so there’s really not any situation I can’t find a solution for.  Let me help you accomplish your dreams!  Life is too short not to go after what you want:)